Louise Bellin | Photography: The Scottish Dream

Louise Bellin | Photography: The Scottish Dream.


Sorry I have neglected this blog, but will be back once I get on top of my work. Was delighted to find I had been features on Photographichviewscotland’s blog. Take a look they have some great articles.


Been away…but now I’m back!

We’ve had a week at the cottage in Scourie and have collected some lovely pics from around Sutherland which I’ll share with you once I get on top of my work.

You might have driven through Scourie, or stopped at the shop or for a wander along the beach….but the secret here is a beach where you can find RUBIES!!!!! Ok, they’re only Garnets, but they are beautiful. If you want to know the exact location get in touch….otherwise Garnet Beach will remain…..undiscovered.

Dunmore Park, Near Airth, Stirlingshire, Scotland


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The Dunmore Pineapple is a folly. I’d also say it’s the most bizarre building in Scotland.

I snuck round and took this from the back garden. The much grander south aspect has been snapped so many times, and I think to truly appreciate the genius behind this place you need to see it from both sides. This architectural wonder can now be rented as a holiday home. It is safe unlike the majority of other key buildings within Dunmore Park which have fallen into decay.

So after you’ve been blown away by the tourist trail Pineapple….take a walk through the rhododendron forests until you come to Dunmore House.


In 1822 Dunmore Park House was completed for George, 5th Earl of Dunmore. It was partly demolished in the early 1900s (the pile of rubble is heaped amongst the ruins). The remains then suffered from fire in the 1980s, but as you can see, a large part of the building and façade still stand proud.


There have been proposals to restore Dunmore Park House but there’s also suggestion of the building of 54 houses in the park. The National Trust for Scotland have opposed these plans……but who knows……and does anybody really care….?


An easy explore (you can park at the stables if you’re lazy), a facinating mansion and lots of history if you care to google. Will cover Elphinstone Tower another day.


Democratic Crofting


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Near Ullapool, Wester Ross, Scotland

Democratic Crofting.

An issue very dear to my heart. Take time to read and think.

Abbotsford ~ A Sorry Tale & Happy Ending

ImageWell I had intended to continue with a few more gems from around the Trossachs with pictures I took today…but I have left my camera elsewhere! So here we have Abbotsford instead. This house was gifted to the local council for the benefit of senior citizens of a town in Perthshire. Immediately was set up as a nursing home to care for the elderly.

In 1997, the home was closed as it was not commercially viable as it could only take 8 residents. After closing, internal furnishings were sold, the building was boarded and secured and Perth & Kinross Council continued to carry out essential work to maintain it in a reasonably tidy, watertight and secure state. In the testator’s will, there had been no instruction as to what should happen if the Home was closed, so effectively the benefits from the will became “locked-up”.

Anyway, after 15 years of being boarded up the property is now under offer and hopefully will soon be restored to former glory. The interior is beautiful and the house itself is on one of the most sought after streets in the town. I imagine the local Senior Citizens Club will benefit from the sale. Click on each image below to see larger.

Doon Hill & Fairy Knowe, Aberfoyle, Scotland


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Today has been a wonderful day here in Scotland, we had a picnic for lunch and dinner in the garden tonight….almost a first this year! The half moon tonight is so big and beautiful. A perfect end to a perfect day.

We had another big family day out and took the all kids to Doon Hill which is somewhat of a secret, despite being in the heart of the Trossachs. It’s a must for children, a lovely short walk through oak woodland to reach the top of the hill where people have left many clouties (rags) with messages written on them in the hope that as the cloutie rots the illness or misfortunate affecting the person on who’s behalf the cloutie was placed would also vanish. Now the place is also covered in little fairies and jewels that kids have left with their wishes.

Lots of mystery surrounds the Reverend who first saw the fairies!!


Clan MacGregor & Lanrick Castle, Scotland


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Lanrick Estate near Deanston, Scotland


Today has been a family party day – and what weather for it at long last! Not much chance for exploring, so here’s one from a couple of months ago. It’s taken in one of the remaining outbuildings that form the Lanrick Estate. Lanrick Castle was the stronghold of Clan MacGregor until the 18th century, and then in 2003  it was illegally demolished in a day by the property developer landowner. Criminal.

Hello world!


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Welcome to my blog!

I’m a professional photographer working in the world of wedding and portrait photography in Scotland….but my real passion is the remote off the beaten track places of Scotland: hidden gems that you will not find in the guidebooks.

Although I do make some of my living from selling prints of our stunning landscapes and castles, the purpose of this blog is to record and share my findings of Scottish gems that only the locals know.

I seek out and share with you Scotland’s wonderful walks, local businesses, forgotten heritage, activities for children and families and so much more.

Welcome to Scotland – I know you will love it as much as I do.